Brick Paver Order Form

Temple Torat Emet offers special pricing to all those who are interested in purchasing a personalized brick in Temple Torat Emet’s Garden of Honor, located at the front of our main entrance for the remembrance of a loved one or for those who would like to honor a special event in their family’s life.

All bricks are laser-engraved and epoxy-filled with your message for a long-lasting dedication.

Now is the time to honor or remember members of your family and to give them a lasting tribute at the front pathway to our synagogue.

Sizes (inches) and cost:

  • 4×8 brick $180 each
  • 8×8 brick $360 each
  • 12×12 brick $540 each

Each paver can have up to 3 lines (4×8),  6 lines (8×8), or 9 lines (12×12) of 14 characters per line.

(Numbers, letters, spaces and punctuation are each a character)

July 1, 2021 thru September 30, 2021 – Special Pricing
Small: $126 | Medium: $270 | Large: $360
Lower Prices Reflected in Total at bottom of form

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