Join us for Tikun La-yel Shavout

May 30th, 2017 7:30 PM-10:30 PM

Mincha/ Maariv services, candle lighting, and choose 2 of the following study sessions:


  1. Is it Time for the Jews to Leave Europe? Discuss the pros and cons and opinions of European Jews about the impact of current migration of Muslims seeking residence in Europe. Facilitator: Lois Gordon
  2. Sarajevo: Preservation and Hope The story of Jews in Sarajevo; how their experience reflects the Sephardic Diaspora and tells a tale of multi-cultures and courage. Presenter: Rose Allen
  3. LightsThe importance of lights in Jewish Tradition Presenter: Rabbi William Marder
  4. Revelations 101 Moses’ ten imperatives, as he strove to form a society, and exploring the impact they have made on Jews up to the present. How did Albert Einstein apply the ancient code to make life work for him? Presenter: Rabbi Gerald Zelermeyer
  5. The Jewish View of Conflict Resolution Use Rabbinic sources, including Darchei Noam, explore through interactive workshop. Facilitator: Michael

Snacks will be served at a sudah before study. Enjoy cheesecake and coffee following the study sessions.

RSVP by 5/26 to Herb Cohen (561)777-8370 or Norman Gordon (561)739-8513 to help us prepare.