On April 6th at the end of the Havdalah service, we will have a “Melava Malka (escorting the Queen)” a traditional program with music, singing, dancing and refreshments celebrating the end of Shabbat. We are hoping to bring in some additional congregants to honor the Queen, who was with us the entire Shabbat period. Rabbi Siff and Cantor Foxx will be leading the music and singing portion of the program. Wine, cheese and other refreshments will be served. Maariv service will start at 8:15 pm, followed by Havdalah at 8:30 pm and Melava Malka shortly afterwards. A fee of $5/person; $10 per couple and $15 per family is being charged to cover expenses.

Please contact the office to let us know by Apr. 1, if you will be joining us that evening.

See you there.


Mike Gere, Ritual Committee